updated on 16 October 2023

Policy advice

Who can write a product review? Anyone who has been in contact with our agency can write a review of the service received. How is this feedback collected? Anyone who wishes to do so is free to leave a review on our Google page. The reviews on the By the Way site are a selection of reviews received from customers via our Google page or any other means of communication with the agency (e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, handwritten letters, etc.). By the Way reserves the right to publish on its site any comment received from customers via an email, a comment on our Google page or any other means of communication with the agency (SMS, Whatsapp, handwritten letter, etc.). Google page – By the Way. Only positive reviews will be published on the agency’s website. How are these reviews handled? To avoid abuse and/or rudeness, all reviews will be handled by a member of staff. The authenticity of reviews will be checked via our database in order to confirm, via the first and last name of the person, that they have actually been in contact with our agency. We refuse to accept any notice : Rude, insulting or discriminatory Defamatory if it contains private data (telephone, e-mail, etc.) if it contains advertising In all other cases, a review will be published on our Google page. It can be modified by the customer if they wish to change their mind. An employee will inspect the review again and, if necessary, contact the customer. No consideration in kind, product offered, etc. is provided in exchange for reviews of the services provided. Selected reviews are published in full on our site and are never modified. Reviews that appear to be “false” can be reported to the following e-mail address: welcome@bytheway.be. Verification measures will be taken internally in accordance with the aforementioned procedures. How are reviews automatically ranked? Notices are displayed from the most recent to the oldest. How are reviews calculated? The reviews collected via our Google page are evaluated using a global star system for the service with a rating from 1 to 5 stars, a title and a free “review” field. The product score will therefore simply be the average of all the reviews posted on our agency.