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Managing Partner

Laurent Louis

IPI : 513.445
Laurent is the father of a large family and knows what it is when it comes to organisation. Co-founder of By the Way, he has, since the beginning, known how to combine pleasure and well done work. Every morning he even tells us: “Will the customer be at the centre of our interactions today? After 20 years in sales and coaching in the automotive sector, Laurent changed to a sector he is passionate about, real estate where he now lives the By the Way adventure, still with the same passion. As musician and epicurean, you may come across at a rock concert or at a good table.
0475 70 11 16
Managing Partner

Maïté Coolsaet

IPI : 508.226
Real estate is her profession and her passion! Co-founder of By the Way, Maïté already has over 10 years of experience in the sector. What does she like most about her job? Combining her technical and legal knowledge with human relations. What characterises her? Superlatives, her smile and her extraordinary dynamism. Her laughter, which is well known to all, is infectious! It spreads good humour and enthusiasm throughout the office. As an animal lover, our Brigitte Bardot loves to go for walks in all weathers with her 2 dogs in the alleys of the Bois de la Cambre. Would you like to meet her? Bring some champagne.
0495 77 89 45
Managing Partner, Architect & Geometer-Expert

Michaël Kram

This father of two started his career as an architect for 7 years. He then developed his skills as a project manager for various real estate developers developing residential real estate complexes. After 5 years of experience, he reoriented his activities towards the more commercial side of real estate. He then took on the challenge of leading the marketing strategy for new residential projects for a major national real estate company. Co-founder of By the Way with Maïté and Laurent, he is passionate about the environmental impact of buildings on the climate and the quality of life inside buildings. Michaël particularly appreciates giving advice to see the potential of each property when finished. How to meet him? Ask him to share a drink after a good game of tennis or as soon as it will be possible again at the bottom of a nice black slope. Would you like to get to know him?
0496 21 64 00
Office Manager

Mélanie Petit

Mélanie began her professional experience in another sector where she was able to develop a great capacity to listen and a boundless determination. Today, she delights her real estate clients in Brussels by accompanying them with enthusiasm and seriousness in their projects. In her spare time, Mélanie enjoys photography with a musical background and is always ready to travel.
0494 72 33 68
Real Estate Advisor

Nora Tillieu

Whether in the world of real estate or tennis, Nora is above all passionate! Her boundless optimism is always at the service of each project and she manages it with high standards and determination. Motivated by all challenges, she will always give 100% (not to say 200%) to help you transform your projects into real estate reality.
0474 13 37 57
Real Estate Advisor

Didier Genachte

IPI : 512 706
As he often says: “A real estate transaction is not just a meeting between a candidate and the owner! “. For Didier, the job of a real estate agent is above all the creation of a relationship of trust by developing a continuous follow-up with all the involved parties. His goal is always the complete satisfaction of everyone. With 15 years of experience, Didier offers seriousness, benevolence and determination. He appreciates human contact and manages the transaction from A to Z Like the “Private-Bankers”, he likes to be the “Private-Agent” of his clients. Would you like to meet him?
0471 50 28 74
Real Estate Advisor

Julie Genachte

IPI : 512.447
“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Here is a good opportunity to use this phrase because Julie is Didier’s daughter. And she shares the same passion for real estate as her father. Mother of 2 children and particularly specialised in the Province of Brabant Walloon, her motto is: “a professional guidance also means establishing a relationship of trust and humanity”. Cooking and Pilates are her favourite hobbies.
0479 24 00 32
Real Estate Advisor

Stéphane Janssens

IPI : 504.451
Joy and good mood! This is the first impression you get when you meet Stéphane. Secondly, you will appreciate his professionalism, which comes from his 15 years of experience as a real estate agent. “He has a solution for everything!” We hear this very often from his clients who always recommend him warmly. He spends his leisure time with his family and fishing.
0477 19 39 84
Real Estate Advisor

Quentin Cornez

IPI : 512.715
Quentin likes to work in a team more than anything else, because as he often says: unity makes strength. Quentin also loves games evenings with friends (or “aux Jeux”), without forgetting his two great passions: hockey and motorcycling! As a great challenger, he never gives up even when faced with the most difficult situations.
0473 83 59 95
Real Estate Advisor

Cinthia Dujacquière

Cinthia is a mother of 2 children and comes from Walloon Brabant. She is known by her family for her natural empathy, her availability, her benevolence and her positive energy. Her atypical career path is littered with challenges that have enabled her to acquire all the qualities required to be a good real estate agent. Her knowledge of the field and her sector, her commercial sense and her human values have already made her. Cinthia and her children launched the association “Tous Ensemble Belgique”. An association for mutual aid and support for families and single people.
0471 28 75 92
Real Estate Advisor

Radhia Zgaia

IPI : 515.828
After a career in the world of wine and the management of her wine cellar & bar, Radhia has embarked on another equally exciting challenge, that of real estate. She attaches the utmost importance to customer satisfaction with whom she establishes a respectful and trusting professional relationship. She is a good listener and is also passionate about languages. She will accompany you with enthusiasm in your real estate projects. She spends her leisure time cycling, swimming and taking long walks with her dog, activities that always combine action with relaxation.
0497 45 06 65
Real Estate Advisor

Antonin Altenloh

IPI : 507.338
Antonin started his career in the world of communication. Then, it was at the Jacques Brel Foundation and in Paris in the publishing and audiovisual sector that he mixed his rich professional experience. After becoming a father, he turned to real estate management and brokerage with passion. As a confirmed real estate agent for over 10 years, you will discover with Antonin that quality is not just an adjective and you will appreciate the promise of a complete service tailored to your needs.
0495 91 86 61
Real Estate Advisor

Frédérique Moal

IPI : 514.356
Frédérique has always had two passions: real estate and languages. She is fluent in English and German and is beginning to learn Italian. She is French and comes from Provence. She has lived in London and Oxford. Happy mother of 5 grown-up children, she fell in love with Belgium where she has lived since 2002.  It is in Walloon Brabant that she works as a real estate agent with a lot of empathy and availability, which is greatly appreciated by the owners.
0497 46 95 56
Real Estate Advisor

Brigitte Dechambre

IPI : 512.721
After having excelled for 25 years in the business travel sector and having always been passionate about real estate, Brigitte decided to take the plunge and reorient herself professionally. A real estate project being an important step in the life of each one, her goal is to accompany you in the different steps so that it remains an unforgettable memory. Your satisfaction is her main priority. Mother of two grown-up teenagers, her passions are cooking, gardening and travelling.
+32 478 69 24 63
Real Estate Advisor

Marie Bosquet

IPI : 516.877
After graduating from a tourism school in 2009, Marie worked as a travel designer for 10 years. This gave her the opportunity to travel the world in a rucksack, which has become her greatest passion. Marie’s personality is summed up by her outspokenness, self-mockery and humour. She could have pursued a career in stand-up comedy, but it was real estate that she turned to 2 years ago, and has been practising with rigour and enthusiasm ever since. Marie will be delighted to help you with all your property projects, or to advise you on the best places in the capital, which she knows inside out.
0472 38 18 33

Jean-Philippe Toussaint

From tennis coach to real estate agent, this is a step that Jean-Philippe decided to take, not without a certain sense. Always seizing the opportunity. He will not fail to charm you with his smile, his kindness and his benevolence. Realizing your real estate projects is the mission he will accomplish with seriousness, brio and always in a good mood. Game, set and deal!
0492 56 33 19

Eric Marchal

IPI : 516 528
From a very young age, Eric was fascinated by bricks. At the age of 6, he already took the controls of a huge bulldozer. After 25 years in the IT sector where he excelled, Eric has now decided to turn back to his real passion, real estate. His other crushes are his 3 children and cooking. He is also a certified energy expert in Flanders. His dedication, precision and technical knowledge are highly appreciated by the owners who entrust him with sales and rental assignments. Eric always goes the extra mile for a happy customer.
0487 02 34 85

Sophie Luypaert

IPI : 512.593
Sophie started her career in finance where she learned to handle numbers and analyse information with rigour. She then embarked on other professional experiences including social projects and as a secondary school teacher. She loves everything related to nature and coaching in a broad sense. Her passion for real estate and people led her to become a real estate agent in order to guide people in their life projects. It is with empathy, benevolence, honesty and rigour that this mother will advise you so that all your real estate dreams become reality.
+32 472 94 83 29
Real Estate Advisor

Nadia Mghari

IPI : 517.789
Nadia can best be described as creative and passionate. After 15 years’ experience in digital media and marketing, she decided to move into real estate with a focus on people. This interior design enthusiast is also a mother and performing artist. Creating emotions and smiles has always been in her DNA, and what she loves most of all is helping other people to realise their projects, and sometimes even their dreams! If you’re looking for your future home, it goes without saying that she’ll do absolutely everything to find THE property that will put glitter in your eyes! Service and trust are her priorities. Would you like to meet her? Don’t expect to meet her at the gym… She prefers the retro and inspiring atmosphere of Brussels cabarets. Instead, dare to contact her directly! She can’t wait to hear about your plans for the future.
0478 41 65 69
Real Estate Advisor

Emi Keskin

IPI : 502.061
Emi has been a real estate expert since 2003, and over the years has built up solid expertise focused on finding solutions and supporting her clients. Her past experience in human resources makes her a person you can trust to bring your property project to fruition. She also has a passion for art history, which gives her a keen eye for detail and design, a valuable asset in real estate. Outside her professional career, Emi is a happy mother of three and a loving wife. She excels in the art of juggling her professional and personal life, making her a “speedy gonzales” capable of finding the perfect balance. If you’re looking for a determined and dedicated professional to bring your property project to fruition, Emi is the ideal person. She will use her expertise and professionalism to guide you through every stage of your project.
0486 50 63 28
Real Estate Advisor

Franklin Vergels

Franklin, a true epicurean, is convinced that ‘home’ is an essential aspect that deserves special attention. His passion for real estate led him to embark on this new adventure, but his interest extends far beyond bricks and walls. Outside work, Franklin devotes his free time to his passions, such as cars, music and terraces, where he enjoys convivial moments with friends. Warm, attentive and generous, he’s always happy to assist you and take on new projects. Don’t forget him! If you’d like to get in touch with him, whether at the agency or out on the terrace with his friends, Franklin will always be delighted to meet you.
0477 65 51 08


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