Office Manager

Mélanie Petit

Mélanie began her professional experience in another sector where she was able to develop a great capacity to listen and a boundless determination. Today, she delights her real estate clients in Brussels by accompanying them with enthusiasm and seriousness in their projects. In her spare time, Mélanie enjoys photography with a musical background and is always ready to travel.

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for sale

Depaire Sold


165 000 €
flat | 1020 Laeken
95 m²
2 Ch

Poinçon 263 Sold


542 000 €
Poinçon 263
flat | 1000 Bruxelles
131 m²
2 Ch
20 m2

Nerviens Sold


425 000 €
flat | 1040 Etterbeek
114 m²
3 Ch
10.29 m2


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