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Emi Keskin

IPI : 502.061
Emi has been a real estate expert since 2003, and over the years has built up solid expertise focused on finding solutions and supporting her clients. Her past experience in human resources makes her a person you can trust to bring your property project to fruition. She also has a passion for art history, which gives her a keen eye for detail and design, a valuable asset in real estate. Outside her professional career, Emi is a happy mother of three and a loving wife. She excels in the art of juggling her professional and personal life, making her a “speedy gonzales” capable of finding the perfect balance. If you’re looking for a determined and dedicated professional to bring your property project to fruition, Emi is the ideal person. She will use her expertise and professionalism to guide you through every stage of your project.

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Discover the properties of Emi

for sale

Chruchill 161 For sale

360 000 €
Chruchill 161
flat | 1180 Uccle
112 m²
1 Rms
112 m²
1 Rms
12 m2

BON AIR 16 For sale

425 000 €
house | 1070 Anderlecht
155 m²
3 Rms
65 m2
155 m²
3 Rms

Edmond Machtens For sale

249 000 €
Edmond Machtens
flat | 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
85 m²
2 Rms
85 m²
2 Rms
19 m2


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